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Imagine if your home, office or move was perfectly organized

Professional Organizer Nashville

A Fresh Space provides professional organizing, move management, unpacking and home maintenance services for your home, office, or move. Serving the greater Nashville area including Franklin, Brentwood, College Grove, Green Hills, Forest Hills, East Nashville, the Gulch, Oak Hills, Belle Meade and more. Virtual organizing and consulting available locally and nationally. Our virtual organizing services are especially useful during our current social distancing turn of events. Please reach out if we can help in this way!

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Giving you the best services we offer


Sort, edit, contain & label forms the core of the organizing process but our systems take it a step further by diving deep into the ‘why’....


Move only what you love and need in your new space with lots of help to make your move the smoothest and easiest one ever.


A voice of experience and reason to help fine tune your business systems, create a plan of action for a DIY...


Imagine no more boxes, just perfectly organized spaces that work for you in your new home, with organizing systems to get you off to the perfect start in this new phase of your life.


Tidying it all back up and revisiting the systems to make sure it is all still working exactly as it should, while taking care of any updates or tweaks that are needed.


Tidying it all back up and revisiting the systems to make sure it is all still working exactly as it should, while taking care of any updates or tweaks that are needed.


a fresh business with Basecamp


$ 2995 PLAN
  • Needs assessment
  • Basecamp setup
  • Training session: high level overview (up to 3 team members)
  • Training session: working with Basecamp (up to 3 team members)
  • Up to 2 hours one-on-one follow up for additional training/questions


$ 4995 PLAN
  • All components of Essentials package
  • 2 hour one-on-one consulting session with Liz Jenkins, owner
  • Team Training (up to 5 team members)
  • Onboarding Basecamp training & forms
  • Monthly ‘open office’ Zoom calls


$ 6995 PLAN
  • All components of Most Popular package
  • Team Training Basecamp training and forms
  • Ongoing training & support for team members (up to 5 team members, max 2 hours total) for 6 months
  • Ongoing email or virtual support for Owner & admins (up to 2 hours per month) for 6 months





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Our productivity is through the roof! This system is amazing and has made all the difference in our ability to get things done.

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"This is the first time in years where every single thing we needed to do got done and no one needed to email or text or call anyone about it. I actually was able to be finished on a Friday afternoon early and have a really relaxing weekend knowing everything was caught up."

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"It took us a while to get going with everything (sorry!) but we are SO glad we finally committed the time. Thank you for sticking with us! We love having a place for all of our information, and a way to keep track of all the little things. It's pretty awesome."

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"We are really enjoying Basecamp and are finding it so easy to use so far. Still in the very early phases of becoming familiar and introducing team members but so far it’s been great. Thanks so much!"

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"One of our clients sent us this amazing email raving about how awesome we were - and it was all due to the new system in place. Using Basecamp meant that we were able to keep track of every little thing and our client was wowed by our apparent magical ability to remember everything!"

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"I've used a lot of consultants, and working with you was the first time I really felt heard and was give such practical and actionable advise and recommendations. Each new things I implemented had an immediate impact in our productivity and profitability. And your openness and willingness to share was incredible. I finally feel like I have a handle on my business and where I'm going with it. Thank you so much!!"

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"There was definitely a bit of a learning curve for my team but once we all got on board - I can't tell you how much easier our jobs are! And the advise from our consulting calls has resulted in us being way more profitable - I never even considered some of the things you suggested but wow - we are up about 20% and it was super easy to implement!"